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List of Breaking Bad Episodes – All Seasons

Breaking Bad is probably the best TV show I’ve ever seen, in fact, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen including films, documentaries, reality tv shows, cartoons, animated films, etc. I love how the main character of the show “Walter White” a.k.a “Heisenberg” changes through each episode, he goes from being a high school chemistry teacher to become a ruthless drup kingpin who is capable of doing just about anything in order to provide for his family and to save himself from being killed or thrown to jail.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this show was the final episode, don’t get me wrong, it’s really good but I honestly believe that it could have been a lot better. I won’t talk much about how it ends because I don’t want to spoil the end for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, all I can say is that Breaking Bad is the best TV show ever! Enjoy.

Below you will find the full list of Breaking Bad episodes organized by seasons:

Breaking Bad Episodes Season 1
Breaking Bad Episodes Season 2
Breaking Bad Episodes Season 3
Breaking Bad Episodes Season 4
Breaking Bad Episodes Season 5

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